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Sometimes he creates, sometimes he consults, sometimes he invests… Always, he tries to create extraordinary value while being a great partner and citizen.

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Vince Thompson has an eye for transformational opportunities as well as the ability to create business models and successfully lead the teams that scale them.

With his firm Middleshift, the focus has been on helping founders and C-Level executives to create new revenues for the rapidly changing technology, entertainment and media businesses. Vince also invests in and mentors early stage companies.

Alongside or through his consulting work, Vince has served as a startup CEO, a public company board member and a consultant to over 30 companies including major internet companies, TV Networks and Studios.

Vince currently serves as the Co-Founder and Chairman of Prospectwise, is a venture partner at Zuma Ventures and an active board member for First Star, a non-profit dedicated to helping Foster Youth get into college.

Earlier in his career Vince worked in local television, led the advertising sales organization for AOL in the West and, for a short period of time in Facebook’s startup days, served as the company's head of National Sales.

He's the author of a bestselling book on management called Ignited, has keynoted globally and hosted over 80 episodes of a business show for BNet, CNet’s business brand.

In 2010 Business Week credited Vince with changing the liquidity model in Silicon Valley after he led a private sale of Facebook stock on Wall Street.

Vince holds an undergraduate degree from USC’s Annenberg School of Communications and an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business.


Middleshift launched in 2006 with the goal of helping innovators build and scale their media businesses, create new revenue streams and gain competitive advantage through custom processes and training.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of providing counsel to some of the Internet’s most exciting companies and we're proud of the value we’ve created. We have also seen our practice expand into helping develop sales technologies, SAAS companies and commerce opportunities to pair alongside entertainment content offerings.

Here are some of the functions we enjoy working on
and believe we thrive at:

Go to Market Strategy –  We challenge our clients to tell the best story possible and then live up to and exceed the expectation set.

Building the Idea Machine – The degree to which a company creates value for its customers is directly correlated to how well the company understands it customers and bakes their needs into the manufacturing of its ideas and products.

Training for Competitive Advantage – It’s impossible for a company to get competitive advantage by working with vendors who deliver the same training information to each competitor. We create custom training designed to give sales and businesses development a competitive advantage.

Sales Organization Audit – We have yet to see an organization where we can’t get 5-10% economic growth with some simple changes.

Revenue Planning – We specialize in a narrative approach that covers goals in granular detail and leaves managers with an actionable roadmap.

New Revenue Streams – We work with the changing communications landscape to drive new value and create new products for digital companies, traditional firms and content producers.

Business Development – We jump in and do the work necessary to help Founders and C-Level execs advance their agendas in a hurry.

Here are some of the companies we’ve worked with:



Here’s what Middleshift clients say:

“I first met Vince through a strategic ad sales consulting engagement he did for TVGuide.com while I was CEO of the parent company, Gemstar-TV Guide. As this was a turnaround situation, Vince played a critical role in conceiving of our ad sales strategy, building the ad models and working closely with our ad sales force to create a cogent, unique value proposition for our advertiser clients. Later Vince advised on revenue strategies for my company Snakkle and introduced me to strategic acquirer.  Vince has been extremely valuable to me over the years and I’m happy to recommend him.”

—Richard Battista,  CEO Time Inc.


“Vince has been instrumental in GumGum's evolution from technology start-up to full-fledged media company. I would work with him again in a heartbeat.”

—Ophir Tanz, CEO GumGum

“Vince has been a valuable extension of our team. He's consulted us on digital business models, assisted our social strategies and helped us evaluate a variety of opportunities including a few that we partnered with him on. Most importantly, Vince has understood our brands and been a thoughtful and trusted advisor. We recommend him without hesitation.”

—Cindy Crawford, CEO Crawdaddy


“Vince is like a Swiss-army knife for early stage digital ventures— beyond just helping structure go to market plans and sales team structure, he is incredibly helpful when it comes to overall strategy, product, team and staffing, and strategic partnerships. He is a great sounding board and advisor!”

—Chris Gebhardt, EVP Digital and GM TakePart.com, Participant Media


Here’s what the experts had to say about Vince's Book, Ignited:

“With a real-worldview of what it's like to lead in limited space, Thompson shows middle managers how to access their true power and purpose to achieve the work life they've always dreamed of. This book really delivers on its promise to Ignite the magnificence of all.”

—Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level


“Brilliant; this is the best management book of the year. Jammed with vital takeaway value for managers it should also be required reading and a sobering look-in-the-mirror for every business owner and CEO. This breakthrough work absolutely sparkles!”  

—Jason Jennings, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Reinventors and 5 other titles, Top Business Speaker

“If you want to change the world, you've gotta take a stand. With Ignited Vince Thompson does just that showing managers how, in this time of reinvention and chaos, they can rise above the constraints to put the heart and sole back into business.”

—Erin Brockovich, Advocate, Author and Speaker


Ignited is a breakthrough book that shows you how upper management and the workforce can plug into the same socket and convert 110 volts into a lightning bolt.”

—Jeffrey Gitomer, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Little Red Book of Selling and 12 other titles, Speaker and Trainer.


“As someone familiar with Ignition I can tell you that while the book Ignited may not get you on the moon, it will certainly get you on a higher plain of success.”

—Buzz Aldrin, Engineer, Astronaut, Author and Leader

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